Tektura Talk Coral Forest Wallpaper

Coral Forest Digital Print Wallcovering

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Coral Forest by Dot Keely. Custom made price on request.

With a background in high-end fashion, Dot’s ideas are strikingly different, on trend and beautifully crafted… Her wallcovering designs are regularly chosen for use in commercial office schemes, hotel interiors and restaurant environments.  All Dot's designs can be scaled up or down and many can be custom coloured to fit any interior scheme.

These designs are digitally printed, giving you the opportunity to add your own personal touch.  Dot's ideas can be printed onto different grounds with stunning results.  All designs are available as wallcoverings or window graphics.   

If required as a wallcovering, we print onto Digifort fabric-backed vinyl - a specialist print media, or onto any of our standard wallcoverings; from chunky stone textures thru to iridescent and metallic surfaces too.  The combinations are endless.