Colour Series: The science behind choosing YELLOW in your home decor!

Now that the sun has decided to show her face in May, let's talk yellow. 

Yellow can provoke polarised reactions among us. A bit like "Marmite". One immediately pictures sunny morning kitchens where the perfect family sits munching on home baked bread, with not a cross word uttered. Reality check!

Deepen the shade and mix it with black and you have a more aggressive colour Think bees or warning signs. It can invoke feelings of worry and don't forget the old reference to cowardice "yellow belly". 

With that being said, we more commonly choose to decorate with yellow in  rooms like the kitchen /breakfast area, as it provides a sense of  warmth and cheer. Team it up with purples or at best lilac based greys for a contrasting colour scheme.

Use it in hallways and entrances for its welcoming properties and team with subtle shades of green and red for a harmonious colour scheme.

In todays post pandemic climate , with the upsurge in home working spaces, yellow is suitable choice as it is said to be the colour of knowledge and can stimulate the left side of the brain to generate new ideas and solve problems. So why not choose your new office or reading chair in a deep shade of ochre and compliment with a bunch of daffodils or red and purple tulips on your desk for an uplifting, yet subtle nod to better days with better weather.

If home schooling ever returns (I will be leaving the country indefinitely) perhaps the uniform of choice should be a bright in your face yellow, with a yellow pencil surgically attached to each of their little hands.

PHOTO depicts one of our fabulous wallcovering ranges "Cubiq" from BN Wallcoverings available at ICONIC INTERIOR DESIGN, Newcastle  and online at

Yellow cubiq wallpaper